The Best Tai Chi Videos

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Tai chi is a martial art with many different forms with a long tradition that offers many benefits for well-being in body and mind. Owning a Tai Chi video could be your path to ultimately grasping the essence of the moves, and according to some that's the ultimate outcome of dedicated practice. Based on depth of content and accessibility to beginners and experienced students alike, here are three of the best all-around Tai Chi videos.

BodyWisdom Media: Tai Chi for Beginners by Christopher Pei

Christopher Pei instructs on a level suitable for advanced students as well as beginners. Pei presents 8 lessons ranging from 10 – 30 minutes for a total running time of 3 and half hours. Kevin McKenzie, a ten-year student of Tai Chi, says, “The warm up is so unusual and very effective that my wife performs it every morning before work.” The material is presented with a tranquil nature setting in the background.

Tai Chi – 24 forms by Dr. Paul Lam

Rows of students led by Dr. Paul Lam are filmed from different angles, giving a thorough overview of proper form. Dr. Lam himself also gives solo demonstrations. Dr. Lam, a family physician in Australia with over 30 years of Tai Chi experience, advises, “Our students take, usually, more than half a year to learn the 24 forms.” In 2009, Dr. Lam founded the Tai Chi For Health Institute. He instructs both students and teachers worldwide.

Tai Chi: Stillness Through Motion with Chao Pang

You'll learn about philosophies, principles and history of Tai Chi in this production aimed at both beginners and advanced students. Pang demonstrates proper alignment, standing meditations, and walking practice. There are excellent tips for common mistakes and how to move properly. Peace-invoking backgrounds transitioning from the mountains to the sea are the scaffold for Pang’s demonstrations. Chao Pang is an accomplished Tai Chi master and has been studying various martial arts for nearly 4 decades.

Simplified Tai Chi Chuan with Applications with Master Shou-Yu Liang

Master Shou-Yu Liang is an engaging Tai Chi instructor with a keen sense of humor. He describes and demonstrates simplified concepts of forms with the unmistakable mark of a master instructor. Although the setting is very plain, this presentation includes practical applications by showing how you would use Tai Chi as a contact martial art. Clocking in at 2 hours and 30 minutes, this video also has a companion book that you can purchase separately.