How to Customize Your Own Baseball Glove

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One piece of equipment that every baseball player has, regardless of what position he plays, is a baseball glove. Most regulation gloves look pretty much the same--brown or black leather, brown or black lacing. While the first thing most players will do with a glove is to try to break it in to better fit their hand, there are certain additional modifications you can make if you want your glove to better fit your personality or your style of play.

Replace the rawhide laces on your glove with new ones in your team colors or your favorite color. You can purchase new rawhide laces at craft stores and online in a wide variety of colors. When you are replacing the old laces, only remove one section of lacing at a time, cutting or untying knots as needed. Make sure you repeat the lacing pattern with the new rawhide lace, knotting the end before threading it through the holes. When you finish each section, pull the laces as tight as you can without breaking, then knot the end of the lace and trim off any excess.

Use leather dye to color all or part of your glove. You will only be able to dye your glove a darker color, so if you want something brightly colored, you'll need to begin with a glove that is light tan. Leather dye may also be used to give a new look to an old glove that has faded from sun exposure. While there are many leather dyes on the market, you'll need to be careful not to use one that is going to make your glove leather too stiff. Dyes that come in a paste form can be rubbed evenly into the glove, or used to touch up worn spots such as the finger area.

Have your name embroidered onto your glove, or have it enhanced with another decorative embroidered pattern or perhaps a state or country flag or team logo. As leather embroidery is something not easily done at home, your best option is to have this type of embroidery done commercially. While most custom embroidery is done at the time a glove is purchased, there are some companies that will embroider a glove you already own.

Order a glove that you design yourself. While some major manufacturers will not allow you do to much more than have your name embroidered on your glove prior to purchase, others allow you to choose leather type and color, lace color, web pattern and whether or not to add a wristband or a flag as well as your name.

Modify your glove as needed to suit your style of play. If you are an outfielder, you may need to deepen the pocket by repeatedly smacking a ball into the glove. If you are a catcher, you may want a loose-web catcher's glove that snags pop flies and wild pitches. To loosen the pocket, replace the web lacing with extra-long rawhide laces.