How to Use a Pro-Form Crosswalk 400E Treadmill

When the days are overly sultry -- or snowy -- it's a comfort to know you can still get in your daily walk or jog with the help of a treadmill. On top of a leg-heavy workout, the Pro-Form Crosswalk 400E treadmill also gives you the option for an arm workout that includes resistance. Before you get going, however, take a few minutes to learn the basic functions of the machine.

  1. Stand on the foot rests on the outsides of the walking belt and clip the safety clip to your pants or shirt.

  2. Insert the key -- which is on the opposite end of the safety clip -- into the key hole. It may take a moment or two for the treadmill to power up and for the lights to come on.

  3. Grab the arm levers and move them backward to test the resistance setting. If you're not going to use the arm levers, skip this step. Turn the resistance knobs, located at the bottom of each arm lever in a counter-clockwise direction to increase their resistance, which will help you burn more calories. Turn them clockwise to make the resistance easier.

  4. Press the "Up" arrow button under the "Calorie Goal" heading at the center of the treadmill if you want to perform a workout with a certain calorie goal in mind. If you plan on using the arm levers, press the "Interactive Crosswalk Calories" button above the "Calorie Goal" heading, which will cause a small light to turn on just to the right of the "Interactive Crosswalk Calories" button. This will make the treadmill count the additional calories you're burning by moving your arms.

  5. Step onto the treadmill's walking belt and press "Start." Start walking.

  6. Increase the speed of the walking belt by either pressing the "Speed" up arrow, just to the right of the key, or by pressing the number that corresponds to your pace in miles per hour. For example, a standard, fairly brisk walking pace is 4 miles per hour, so if you want to walk at that pace, you'd press the "4" button. In either case, the treadmill's walking belt will gradually increase in speed until it reaches the level you've selected.

  7. Walk or jog at a slow pace for about five minutes to warm up and allow your body to gradually adjust to the workout. After that, increase your speed by pressing the Speed "Up" arrow, thereby moving into the aerobic conditioning phase of your workout. For the best aerobic and calorie-burning results, your aerobic conditioning phase should last at least 20 minutes.

  8. Grasp the arm levers and move them forward and back in an opposite pattern from your legs. For example, when the left leg moves forward, the right arm lever should move forward.

  9. Press the "Up" arrow next to the Incline heading to increase the incline of the machine, thereby increasing the intensity of your workout.

  10. Let go of the arm levers and step off the walking belt and onto the foot rests to test your heart rate. If you're moving at a high rate of speed, you may need to decrease the treadmill's speed before stepping off. Place your thumb onto the "Pulse Sensor" button on the bottom left of the console and hold it there for 15 seconds. Look at the display window on the right side of the console; this is where your current heart rate will appear. Once your heart rate appears, step back onto the walking belt and resume walking or jogging. For a good aerobic workout, your heart rate should be at least 60 percent of your maximum heart rate.

  11. Monitor the left-hand display window to track the amount of time you've spent on the machine and the distance you've traveled. Monitor the center display to get an estimate of the number of calories you've burned, and monitor the right-hand display to track your speed and your heart rate.

  12. Press the "Down" Speed arrow when you're done with the bulk of your workout and you're ready to cool down. Adjust the speed to a slow, comfortable pace and walk or jog at that pace for about five minutes, allowing your heart rate to gradually slow down. Also press the "Down" Incline arrow to reduce the incline on the machine and let go of the arm levers, if you've been using them. If you plan to fold the treadmill up when you're finished, the incline setting will need to be all the way down.

  13. Step off the walking belt and press the "Stop" button on the console. Then remove the key to turn off the treadmill and unclip the key clip from your clothing.

  14. Grasp the frame of the treadmill with your right hand, holding the frame near the back of the walking belt on the left hand side. Press the frame upward about halfway and then grasp the latch pin on the left hand side of the vertical frame of the machine. Pull the pin out, press the walking belt portion of the frame to a full-vertical position and allow the pin to snap into place under the bottom of the walking belt portion of the frame. When you want to use the treadmill again, hold the the frame again and release the pin, holding the frame as you lower it to the floor.


    This brand of treadmill doesn't allow you to enter in your age, weight and gender, meaning the calorie estimator is going to be only a very general estimate. Your actual calorie burn may be much lower or higher than what is displayed on the console.


    To prevent injury, always inspect your treadmill for broken or missing parts or items in need of service before you perform a workout.

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