How to Choose a Bow Stabilizer

How to Choose a Bow Stabilizer

Stabilizers help archers achieve greater shooting precision. Stabilizers have several functions that improve shooting accuracy and comfort, including balancing the bow at full draw, reducing hand shock, bow noise and vibration. Choosing a bow stabilizer requires matching the features of the stabilizer with the demands of the shooter.

Match the stabilizer to its intended use. Some archery experts recommend choosing the length of the stabilizer based upon your height, while others recommend choosing a stabilizer based upon your type of archery. Bowhunters generally choose short stabilizers -- 1 to 7 inches -- so it’s easier to handle in tight hunting situations. Target shooters favor long stabilizers -- commonly measuring longer than 1 foot.

Shoot your bow with different stabilizers to feel how it balances the bow. One of the main functions of a stabilizer is to balance and steady the bow while at full draw for improved accuracy.

Listen and feel the bow after each shot. A second function of a stabilizer is to dampen bow vibration and noise. Bowhunters require smooth, quiet bows to prevent spooking game. Target shooters want a bow with reduced shock for improved accuracy. Choose the stabilizer that reduces the vibration and noise on your individual bow.

Review the construction material of the stabilizer. Most stabilizers are made from a combination of materials including rubber, metal, carbon or plastic. The materials and construction of the stabilizer affect its function and performance.