Review of Night Vision Goggles for Kids

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What to Look For

Shopping for night vision goggles for kids requires you to decide whether you want the passive or the active type. The passive night vision goggles requires some amount of light to be useful and thus cannot be used in total darkness, while the active night vision goggles can be used even in the darkest of places. Regardless of what type you choose, ensure that the night vision goggles have head traps and adjustable lateral-jaw straps, which will secure the goggles on your child’s small face. In addition, look for goggles made from sturdy material that can withstand rough use by the children.

Common Pitfalls

Avoid purchasing night vision goggles that are a size too big or a size too small for your children. Ideally, your child should accompany you when purchasing the goggles so that he can try the different sizes on. This will enable you to pick the perfect fit.

Where to Buy

Most stores that stock children toys have the night vision for kids on sale. Usually, you will find the goggles in a sealed package, which contains adjustable straps and a battery pack. Jakks Pacific is among the convenient store retailers in the United States. If you prefer purchasing the goggles from online stores, consider retailers like, Toys “R” Us and Rus Products.


Since manufacturers of night vision goggles for kids use comparably cheap optics, the prices of the goggles is affordable to almost every American parent. The average price range is between $20 and $120. The cheap ones are ideal toys and good for use by children who are still young and adventurous. Older kids, on the other hand, would prefer the costlier goggles, since they have a more professional military look. The most preferred night vision goggles by kids have two eyepieces and a bigger central sphere located slightly above the two. The latter has a small camera, which complements the vision of the eyepieces. These goggles give the wearer a Borg-like appearance and retail for $80 as of 2010.

Insider Tips

Purchasing night vision goggles for your kids is a way to open the world of adventure to them The goggles will encourage the children to spend more time outdoors exploring the darkness and the nocturnal life therein. When going for safaris where night game drives have been arranged, provide your children with night vision goggles to pique their interest.