The Best Cheap Snowboards

What to Look For

While many snowboards cost upwards of $300, it is possible to find a cheap snowboard that will fit into any budget and perform nearly as well as a more expensive board. Look for boards that offer aluminum boot straps, sturdy base plate, flexible upper and lesser-known brands. Name brands sometimes command a higher price tag just because they are well known and not because of a higher quality of snowboard.

Common Pitfalls

There is some difference between a less expensive board and a more expensive board. Most inexpensive boards are less flexible than more expensive boards, which can lead to injuries. Inexpensive boards may also fall apart quicker than expensive boards, or provide a rougher ride.

Where to Buy

The best place to find budget snowboards is through snowboard discount stores. These stores sell previous year’s models, discontinued models and over stocks. Boardsforless.com offers a large selection of discounted boards if you don’t mind waiting for the board to be delivered to your house. Another great place to find discounted snowboarding supplies is Snowboarddepot.com. They carry many top snowboard brands at reduced prices. Amazon.com also has a large selection of boards at reduced prices.


It is extremely difficult to find a snowboard under $200, even for the cheapest models. Some boards that start around $200 full price are available for less at a discount. It is possible to find expensive boards on sale for around the $200 mark. The Camp Seven Valdez 163 Snowboard costs around $200. The 144CM Lamar Diablo 2005 Snowboard Deck costs around $160. The Lamar Ultra Snowboard 157 is around $180.

Insider Tips

Bestcovery.com recommends the Camp Seven Valdez 163 Snowboard as one of the best boards under $200. This board provides flexibility for tricks and glides smoothly down slopes. Galt Tech.com recommends the 144CM Lamar Diablo 2005 Snowboard Deck as one of the top inexpensive snowboard brands. Another budget snowboard listed on Bestcovery is the Lamar Ultra Snowboard 157. This board is ideal for tricks and speed.

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