The Best Jump Rope for Kids

Jumping Girl

What to Look For

Are you dealing with a novice jump roper or one looking for speed? For the novice, consider a beaded rope as the sound of the beads striking the pavement helps the jumper develop rhythm and timing. For experienced jumpers, a speed rope is more appropriate. Then consider the choice between a regular speed rope and one with longer handles. The longer handles make it easier to do rope tricks for the jumper with less flexible arms.

Common Pitfalls

The disadvantage of using a beaded rope is that the rope is harder to adjust for length. With a speed rope, the primary disadvantage is limited visibility during a performance. Speed ropes with longer handles are not ideal for young children whose smaller hands may have difficulty managing the larger sized handles. In general, jumpers should learn skills and tricks for speed rope jumping with a regular speed rope first.

Where to Buy

You can find jump ropes at any sporting goods store. However, for online shopping, the first link under References is the website for JumpRopes, which claims to be the world's leading manufacturer and seller of high quality speed and beaded jump ropes. The company carries single, long and double dutch jump ropes to meet all requirements. whether for school, personal or competition use. The third link under References is BuyJumpRopes. This company carries all varieties, including cloth and beaded, single and double dutch. You can also find numerous jump ropes at a wide range of prices on Amazon.


The cost for a jump rope can vary widely, depending on its quality. For a single rope of good quality, expect to pay around $15 for a speed rope and closer to $20 for a beaded rope. However, if you comparison shop, you can find speed jump ropes ranging from around $6 to $40. Beaded ropes run a similar range.

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