The Best Nordic Walking Poles

The Best Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic walking is a cross between walking and cross-country skiing—without the snow. Nordic Walking USA notes that walking with poles specifically designed for Nordic walking gives your upper body a workout while helping you burn up to 40 percent more calories than regular walking. The poles help your balance and stability and come in a variety of styles. Consider the type of walking you’ll do, your height and weight and your budget when selecting your poles.

LEKI Traveller recommends LEKI Traveller Nordic walking poles and reports they’re a favorite among Nordic walking reviewers. These poles are designed to be easily portable. They break down with a twist-lock system and can adjust from 52 inches to 26 inches in length. They’re made of aluminum and weigh just over a pound. praises the poles for their adjustable and easy-to-use hand straps, adjustable length, portability, removable rubber tips and lifetime warranty. It criticizes the poles for their uncomfortable handgrips. found the LEKI Travellers rated more highly than the company’s less expensive poles, but it notes if you want a lighter pole and don’t mind spending more money, LEKI also makes poles out of carbon.

Swix Sport Nordic Walking Poles

If you don’t have to worry about portability and are leery about adjustable poles, consider Swix Sport Nordic walking poles. A reviewer for was a skeptic about the sport before giving the poles a tryout but now praises Nordic walking as a good low impact exercise that took stress off a bad knee. Because the poles are not adjustable, you buy the Swix poles based on your height. They come in nine sizes and are made of lightweight aluminum alloy materials in Lillehammer, Norway. reviewer liked the nonslip grip around the handle and the padded strap that slips around the hand. The poles also come with removable rubber tips for added stability and a DVD that explains how to use the poles and get the most from your walk.

Excel Nordic Walking Poles

A long-time cross-country skier got hooked on Nordic walking after trying a set of poles by Excel. A review for describes Excel’s Trainer poles as sturdy and lightweight with a comfortable grip and adjustable wrist straps. These poles are made of a carbon composite. Excel’s All Terrain Tip lets users choose between two positions depending on the walking surface. The company’s website has buying advice and tips on how to use the poles.