How to Determine What Size of Soccer Shin Guard I Should Wear

Boys playing soccer

Shin kicks happen in soccer, and often. When players scramble for ball control, somebody is likely to sustain a possibly painful blow to the shin. Soccer shin guards provide comfortable, lightweight protection designed to absorb or deflect the percussion of kicks to the shins. These crucial pieces of protective soccer gear cover the majority of the lower leg areas between the knees and ankles, preventing potentially serious injuries. Your shin guards are your best friends on the playing field, so size them correctly.

Wear shorts and bring your soccer socks and shoes with you to choose your soccer shin guards.

Sit down in a comfortable chair and put on your soccer shoes. Set your feet flat on the floor. Your knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle.

Measure your shin from just below where the knee joint bends to 1 inch above the top of your shoe. Subtract 1 inch from your measurement to give you the shin guard size. Note the measurement to the nearest inch, since manufacturers can differ in their sizing methods.

Have someone measure your height for you if you don’t already know what it is. Many manufacturers offer shin guards according to the player’s height in inches.

Consult the package for fitting suggestions. Some manufacturers size their shin guards by age categories and recommended height ranges. Adult or senior sizes fit players 4 feet 7 inches and taller. Junior or youth sizes may fit players as tall as 4 feet 8 inches. Other brands retail their shin guards in sizes from extra-small through extra-large, based on height in inches. You may see equipment sized by shin length in inches, and some packaging offers inches-to-size comparisons.

Try on the shin guards with your soccer socks and shoes according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Bend your knees to check the fit. The tops of the guards should fit from 2 or 3 inches below the knees to about an inch above the ankle bends. There should be enough room at the bottom of the guards for you to easily flex your feet upward at the ankles.

Move around briskly. The shin guards should offer complete shin protection without restricting your mobility or movements in any way. Check to see if they bind, rub or chafe anywhere.