Specifications on a Weslo Exercise Bicycle Pursuit 360R

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Produced in 2006, the Pursuit 360R is an older model recumbent bike sold under the Weslo brand. You won't find the 360R new in stores anymore, but you may find used units for sale. The 360R is a low-end, basic exercise bike, which is very easy to use but lacks the high-tech features of more recent exercise bikes. With the recumbent design, the 360R is especially appropriate for novice users or those with low back pain or balance issues.

The Pursuit 360R Specifications

The 360R can hold users up to 250 pounds. The recumbent seat is adjustable to accommodate users of different heights. Loosen the knob on the bottom of the frame, slide the seat forward or back to the desired position and retighten the knob to secure the seat in place. The electronic console, which displays calories, distance, time, speed and pedal rotations per minute, requires four "AA" batteries.

The Pursuit 360R Features

The 360R has manually adjustable pedal tension. Locate the resistance knob on the frame just under the console. Turn it clockwise to increase the pedal tension or counterclockwise to decrease the tension. The electronic console offers two pace programs, which divide your workout into one-minute segments. Lights on the console prompt you to pedal faster or slower for each segment. If you want to change the pedal tension for each segment, you have to adjust it yourself; the console does not prompt tension changes.