The Best Skates for Freestyle Slalom Inline

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Freestyle slalom performed on inline skates requires speed, balance and skill as skaters race and perform tricks around cones set in a straight line at only 1.64 feet (50 centimeters) apart; 2.63 feet (80 centimeters) apart; or 3.94 feet (120 centimeters) apart. Generally, 20 cones are used, though the 3.94-foot spacing requires only 14 cones. This specialized sport requires inline skates, such as the top brand Seba, that allow quick changes in direction and speed as the skaters dance their way around the cones.

The Top Brand -- Seba

The best inline skates used for freestyle slalom are made by Seba. The skates have a firm, lightweight, carbon-fiber shell with an integrated liner, which allows the skater to move freely and smoothly around the cones. Many freestyle slalom skaters prefer "rockered" wheels. Rockered wheels give the skates the maneuverability necessary when performing the dance-like moves of freestyle slalom. The professional-level Seba skates have an arched, banana-shaped frame that aligns same-size wheels in a curved form, giving the rocker effect. These snugly fitting and responsive skates facilitate the artistic and graceful flow necessary when performing tricks.