The Best Oakley Lenses for Baseball

The Best Oakley Lenses for Baseball

When considering what Oakley lenses to buy for baseball, take into account tinted versus polarized sunglasses and cost. Vision clarity and protection from the sun's harmful UV rays are paramount to success in baseball. There are many types of lenses to choose from; currently the best Oakley lenses for baseball are Flak Jacket XL and Fast Jacket. For youth, quarter jackets and XS fives are great values.

Tinted vs. Polarized Lenses

Tinted lenses only reduce brightness caused by the sun; they don’t prevent glare. Polarized lenses are treated with a coating that reduces glare on reflective surfaces by filtering light, creating brighter and sharper viewing. Polarized Oakley lenses offer 100 percent UV protection and are the most effective for combating eye strain from the sun during baseball.


Oakley sunglasses are pricey due to their quality, clarity, design and technology making them the first choice among baseball players. They range from expensive, high-tech polarized fast jackets -- which many pros use -- to more affordable flak jackets. Budget allowing, fast jacket XLs and flak jackets are your best choices. For youth, quarter jackets and XS fives are popular choices. They offer the same great features as adult versions for less.

How It Works

The fast jacket XL integrates sports technology and design. Its filter is embedded in the glass without the application of glue. Most lens makers glue a filter between two lenses, which can create blurring and distorted vision. Oakley avoids this by making and cutting its own lenses.

Features Conducive to Baseball

Oakley Fast Jack XL will enhance and support your game with a design that is free of material on its lower section allowing for better viewing. Facial movements are not inhibited by the lenses due to their curvature at the bottom. Shock-proofing and absorbing components ensure lasting and rigorous use. Flak jackets also provide a lightweight, durable construction similar to the XLs with a nose pad that adheres to your nose the more you perspire.