How to Compare Facial Exercise Machines

Comparing facial exercise machines, along with the many multitudes of serums and facial treatments available, can become overwhelming when trying to choose the right methods for rejuvenation. Facial exercise machines range in styles, prices, sizes, methods of use as well as duration of use in order to obtain results. Safety and comfort are also vitally important when considering the use of a facial exercise machine. Comparing the exercise machines currently on the market should be done with care and research, in order to find one that produces the best results.

  1. Read the instructions for each machine currently on the market. Get a clear understanding of the methods of use, whether it is through electrical stimulation, bands, or other stimulation methods. Compare the machines with this in mind, and what you are comfortable doing. If placing electrical pads across your face sounds intimidating, maybe it is not the best option for you.

  2. Determine the full price of each machine. Many times, websites and infomercials offer payment options, or discounts if you purchase extras. Break down the full investment for the various facial exercise machines to decide what you are willing to spend, in combination with what you are getting for your money.

  3. Research claims or safety issues online to see if any of the machines pose a risk to your health or appearance. Whenever using a machine on the body, be certain you have clear instructions on how to use it properly, and be aware of any risks or accidents that may have caused injury to past customers.

  4. Apply caution when purchasing facial exercise machines that have been manufactured in China or other nations that have less strict legal applications in manufacturing procedures and quality of product. Outsourced products can be great, but consider all the facts and ramifications if the machine is not top of the line, or if the materials used to create the machine are sub-par.

  5. Identify the full terms of the money back guarantee, or if one even exists. If the machine is far from optimal, and you are not happy with how it works, be sure you can get your money back in a safe and quick transaction. Call the brand's customer service representatives before you purchase to verify the money back guarantee.

About the Author

Colleen Meheen is a certified personal trainer through the ISSA, and has years of experience in the fields of holistic nutrition. Her passion for preventative wellness creates her active lifestyle up in the Rockies of Colorado. She has been the fashion editor for Lifestyle Media Group and an inspirational writer for Reign Media Group L.L.C.