Pro-Form 60 GTS Treadmill Information

Walking, jogging or running on a treadmill are all good ways to maintain or improve your cardiovascular fitness. If you use a Pro-Form 60 GTS treadmill, you’ll find a machine with the standard features you’d expect from a modern treadmill, as well as the ability to literally plug into some preprogrammed workout routines.

Treadmill Safety

If you use the Pro-Form 60 treadmill at home, keep it indoors -- but not in a garage, where it's more likely to be damp or dusty -- and place it on a level surface, with no less than 8 feet of space behind the machine. Once it's set up in a safe location, put on a pair of good running or walking shoes, but avoid long, floppy pants that may catch in the walking belt. Begin your session by standing on the treadmill’s side rails and fastening the machine’s safety clip to your clothing. If you fall, you’ll pull the key out of the treadmill and it will stop immediately. With the safety clip attached securely, turn the machine on and then step onto the moving belt. (ref 1, pg 3)

Basic Operation

Plug the machine into an outlet, turn the power switch on and plug in the safety key to prepare the treadmill for operation. Press the “Start” button to begin walking at 1 mph. Adjust the speed by pressing the up and down arrows toward the bottom of the console. Each press changes the speed by 0.1 mph, unless you press and hold one of the buttons, which adjusts the speed by 0.5-mph increments. You can also press one of the 10 “Quick Speed” buttons, which correspond to 1 through 10 mph. Change the treadmill’s incline in 0.5-percent increments with the up and down arrow keys at the console’s bottom left. (pgs 9-10)

Console Display

The upper middle of the console lights up to show your progress around an imaginary quarter-mile track as you exercise. To the left of the track display, the console usually shows an estimate of the calories burned during your workout. You can also a view a display that alternates the elapsed time of your workout with the current incline setting. To the right-center of the console you’ll see a display that alternates between the distance you’ve traveled and the laps you’ve run around the imaginary track. Another display alternates between the current speed setting and your minutes-per-mile pace. Press one of the program displays in the console’s upper right or left corner to do a pre-programmed workout. Use all the console's features to make sure you stay on track with any fitness goals you've set prior to your treadmill session. (pgs 9-11)

Monitor Your Progress

If you place your thumbs on the pulse monitor below the console, the console's calorie display changes to show your heart rate. Monitoring your heart rate is an efficient method to determine whether you're doing an effective workout that will maintain or improve your fitness level. Before you can do so, however, subtract your age from 226 if you're a woman, or 220 if you're a man, to estimate your maximum heart rate. When you work out, try to keep your heart rate within a range of 55 to 70 percent of your maximum. (ref 2)

Extra Features

For some, simply walking or jogging on a treadmill may become tedious. But you can make your workout more fun by doing some reading at the same time. The Pro-Form 60 makes this easy because it contains a holder for books or magazines just above the console. Another way to keep your treadmill time interesting is to follow a variety of pre-set workouts. To do so, plug one end of the machine’s included cable into the appropriate jack -- located on the treadmill's frame near the on/off switch -- and connect the other end to an audio or video player, or to a computer. You can then use CDs or cassettes with programmed workouts, which you must obtain separately, or access programs from the website. Finally, make sure you maintain your energy throughout the workout by placing a water bottle in the console's built-in bottle holder. The workout won't be as much fun -- or efficient -- if you don't keep yourself hydrated. (pgs 5, 9, 13)