The Instructions for the Sportline 340 Pedometer


The Sportline 340 pedometer is a small, lightweight fitness tool that keeps accurate track of your steps and distance. This pedometer adjusts to fit your unique, personal stride, and accurately measures your steps up to 99,999, and your distance up to 1,000 miles. The Sportline 340 also features a large digital display, spring loaded belt clip and easy to use buttons.

Remove the plastic film from the LCD display, then slowly pull the battery protector from the battery door to activate your pedometer.

Press "Mode" to choose between Step Mode or Distance Mode.

Press the "Mode" button to determine if you want the distance calculated in miles or kilometers. If the setting is desirable then skip Step 4.

Press "Mode" until you see "Step" in the display. To change the distance setting, press and hold "Mode" for five seconds until the display reads your desired setting.

Calculate your stride length. Walk 10 steps and measure your distance from start to end. Divide this measurement by 10 in order to calculate your stride length. For example, if the distance of 10 steps is 360 inches, divide 360 by 10 to get a stride length of 36 inches.

Input your stride length. Press "Mode" until you reach the "Distance Mode," then press "Set." The display will flash with the previous inches or centimeters setting. Press and hold "Reset" to change the length of stride until you reach your stride length, then release and wait five seconds for the display to flash.

Press and hold "Reset" for one second to reset the current step and distance calculations to back to zero.

Attach the pedometer to your belt or waistband using the clip on the back of the device. Ensure that the unit is always horizontal -- parallel to the ground -- or you will receive false readings.

Retrieve your information. Press "Mode" to switch between "Step" and "Distance."


The length of your stride while walking is different than the length of your stride while running. To use this pedometer for both types of exercise, you will have to reprogram your stride length when you go from one to the other.

The pedometer is not waterproof.