Operating Instructions for a Cell Spa Ionic Foot Bath


Ionic foot baths are a staple of Eastern medicine. They operate under the assumption that you can detoxify your body through sweat glands, specifically through your feet. Many spas and salons around the world offer ionic foot baths as a service; you can also buy at-home kits. Although more research is needed to determine the effectiveness of ionic foot baths, they may offer a way to destress after a hard workout or a day at the office.

Wash your feet thoroughly in warm water with a pumice stone or loofah and a mild cleanser. You do not want any bacteria reacting negatively to the foot bath cleansing salts. This also helps slough away dead skin cells and soften calluses.

Plug in your ionic foot bath and draw the bath. The Cell Spa ionic foot bath uses a low-level electrical current to emit ions into a solution of water and salt. Gradually incorporate the herbs or salts into the bath as the water is running, and mix them thoroughly.

Soak your feet in the bath for 30 minutes per session, two sessions per week. Wait at least two days between treatments. Be sure to read your instruction manual; ionic foot baths may vary in recommended usage time and frequency.

Read your color chart and compare it to the color of the water after you have soaked your feet. The chart should indicate what toxins have been removed from your body.

Dry your feet thoroughly with a clean towel. Focus on bacterial hot spots such as the areas between your toes.