Difference Between a Ripstick & Waveboard

Ripstiks and Waveboards are common brands of casterboards -- a durable plastic board that runs on two small revolving wheels. Casterboards, which are propelled by shifting weight from one foot to the other, are like skateboards in that they are designed to run on pavement, but they are similar to snowboards in that they allow the rider to maintain momentum without ever touching the ground.

Contrast in Casterboards

A recreation company called Street Surfing first popularized the casterboard in 2004 with a brand called the Waveboard. A few years later, the scooter manufacturer Razor came out with a competing line -- the Ripstik. The differences between the two boards mostly boil down to aesthetics. Waveboards have solid color designs accented by griptape, while Ripstik features graffiti-influenced designs on some models. Ripstik markets a solid, unbroken deck in all their offerings, while some models of the Waveboard feature carved-out spaces near the edges of the deck.

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