How To Adjust a Jogging Stroller Track


If you enjoy jogging and you need to watch over a child, a jogging stroller can enable you to do both. However, if your stroller pulls to one side, you could face a frustrating workout. Adjusting the track on your jogging stroller will help prevent problems.

Examine the front wheel, which on most jogging strollers is fixed in place, according to Pull on the quick-release lever to loosen the wheel, allowing you to adjust it. If your stroller doesn’t have a quick-release lever, use a standard wrench to loosen the bolt holding the wheel in place.

Turn the wheel slightly in the opposite direction of the way your jogging stroller is tracking or pulling.

Tighten the quick-release lever or the bolt to lock the wheel back in place.

Push the stroller slowly to check the new alignment of the wheel and the tracking of the stroller. You may want to use a straight line to gauge the tracking. Line the wheel up along the line and try to follow it by pushing the stroller forward. If the stroller pulls to one side or another, repeat the steps for adjusting the track.

Check and adjust the air level in the tires. Poor air pressure can sometimes lead to the track of the stroller being off.