Instructions for Lubricating the Sole F80 Treadmill

Having a treadmill in your home is an alternative to joining a gym, but owning your own workout equipment requires the responsibility of maintaining it. The Sole F80 is a model of treadmill for use in the home to stay fit, but like any other type of workout equipment, takes some care to keep it running smoothly. After 50 hours of using your treadmill you will need to follow the instructions for lubricating the device.

Gently lift up on the belt of the treadmill just enough to slide the bottle of lubricant under the belt. Squeeze the bottle to spray the lubricant onto the deck, not the belt. Spray the lubricant in the middle of the deck -- use the entire bottle to cover the deck from front to back. Do not spray the lubricant on the edges of the deck or on the belt.

Step onto the handrails of the treadmill and insert the key into the key slot on the console. Press the "Start" button to turn the console on and then press the button again to get the belt moving. The belt will begin to roll at .5 mph.

Press the "Fast" button to increase the speed to 2 mph -- the speed will be displayed on the console. When the belt is at this speed, begin walking on it. By walking on the belt you will spread the lubricant evenly on the deck and the bottom of the belt.

Continue walking for five minutes to fully lubricate the machine. Use the hand rails as you walk as the belt may slip and slide due to the lubricant. When finished, step on the hand rails and remove the key to turn the machine off. You will now be able to use your treadmill as normal.


Do not attempt to use the treadmill at high speeds until you complete the above procedure. Running on the treadmill with fresh lubricant placed on the deck could cause the belt to slip or jump resulting in injuries or damage to the machine.