P90X Workout Program Pros & Cons

P90X Workout Program Pros & Cons

The P90X fitness program is a 90-day endeavor filled with various routines of both cardiovascular training and anaerobic training. It's done completely at home, a perk for those who don't want to travel to the gym to exercise.

The program uses a method of training called "muscle confusion" and aims at confusing the muscles of the body by aggressively challenging the muscles in a variety of ways, using different weights, bands and calisthenics. P90X is an effective workout, but it's not right for everyone.

A P90X Primer

The P90X program has many features. The cardiovascular routines are intense and a minimum of 50 minutes each in length. From jump training, or plyometrics, to Kempo karate, the cardiovascular programs provide creative and complete fitness sessions that incorporate the entire body.

The main attribute of the P90X program is the sculpting programs that use a wide range of weighted dumbbells and resistance bands. Different muscle combinations are focused on in the different sessions and are completed every other day, in between the cardio programs.

Pros of P90X

P90X is extreme when it comes down to discipline and follow through. Three months of aggressive training six days per week may seem overwhelming to many, but for athletes or those who desire a sculpted, muscular and a strong body, this program provides all the information and avenues possible to create a successful result.

A full meal plan was developed to support the various phases of the program, using more or less carbohydrate and protein intake as needed. Twelve separate disks are provided with targeted programs for various goals, from long and lean, to massive size and endurance. A full guide book and calendar are also provided with P90X, to offer expert insight about the program's features, and how best to utilize the full program to meet your specific goals.

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P90X Workout Program Pros & Cons

Cons of P90X

The P90X program is extreme fitness. For the average person, this routine might be hard to sustain over the full three months that are expected. Fifty-five minute workouts are expected six and even seven days a week, which demands a lot of commitment, energy and planning in combination with a busy lifestyle.

In combination with highly aerobic routines, heavy lifting is suggested, especially for males, which might be dangerous for individuals that are not familiar with traditional bodybuilding techniques. There is not much instruction as to lifting technique, and this can present some possibilities for injury for enthusiastic individuals that jump into this program without proper knowledge of their current strength condition.

More About Nutrition

The dietary schedule is very strict with the P90X program. The first phase is about stripping the fat from your diet, so very few carbohydrates can be eaten, and very little fat. Toward the end of the program, you can eat more carbohydrates, but the overall diet structure could be challenging for those that have a lot of weight to lose, or very fast metabolisms. Be flexible with the diet, and follow it the best you can, but in a safe manner.

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