Boxing Workout Routines

Fact Checked

Boxing workouts are typically structured in rounds, just like a boxing match.

With just a jump rope, heavy bag and some boxing gloves you can push your fitness to the next level. Boxing workouts are simple -- you only have two hands to punch with, after all.

Even though they're simple, these workouts are more than enough to tire you out.

Rest Periods

In boxing you walk a thin line between a weightlifting workout with lots of breaks and a cardio workout with almost no breaks. In a professional boxing match the fighters will duke it out for three minutes, rest for one minute, and then repeat until the fight is over.

While professionals can work for three minutes straight, most people can only handle two minutes. That's why a lot of boxing workouts don't use three minute rounds and instead opt for one or two minutes.

Typical Exercises

Boxers need the cardiovascular systems of a runner and the muscles of a weightlifter. They're hybrid athletes that focus on getting stronger, more muscular and leaner. By alternating between throwing punches and other resistance exercises boxers can work on strength and punching power.

Push-ups and sit-ups, for example, work on muscle and punching power. Jump rope helps develop the lungs and heart to keep a boxer fresh throughout a fight.

Throwing Punches

A proper boxing workout has to include throwing punches. You can either hit a heavy bag or a specialty bag, like a speedbag or double end bag, which helps you work on reactions and speed. Shadowboxing is another way to practice punching. To shadowbox, you punch with your bare knuckles in the air, focusing on your technique and speed. It helps to do this in front of a mirror.

In a boxing stance, you have one foot forward and the other back. The foot that's forward is on the side of your non-dominant hand. If you're right-handed, you stad with your left foot forward. The dominant hand is the rear hand in boxing, because it's the power hand.

The six basic punches in boxing are:

  • Jab - a punch with the lead hand; 
  • Cross - punch with the rear, dominant hand; 
  • Hook -  punch in a loop at the object in front of you with either your left or right hand; 
  • Uppercut - punch vertically with either the left or right hand.

Jabs are punches with the non-dominant hand, crosses are punches with the dominant hand.

Everlast Workout

One of the biggest suppliers of boxing equipment in the world, Everlast, created this boxing workout. You'll start with one minute straight on the jump rope, then do as many push-ups as possible in one minute. If you can't do regular push-ups for a minute straight, try doing push-ups from your knees. After that you hit a heavy bag for one minute, jabbing with your left hand and performing a cross with your right hand.

After this first series, you rest for a minute and get back into it. Hit the jump rope and push-ups again for a minute each, then move to jabs with the right hand and crosses with the left hand for a minute.

  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 1 minute push-up
  • 1 minute jab, cross, right
  • 1 minute rest
  • 1 minute jump rope
  • 1 minute push-up
  • 1 minute jab, cross, left

Hooks are punches thrown in a curve.

Punching Combinations

This is a classic boxing workout. You use four main punches in this classic combination:

  • Jab with the non-dominant hand
  • Cross with the dominant hand
  • Hook with the non-dominant hand
  • Uppercut with the dominant hand. 

For each combination you'll repeat it as many times as possible for thirty seconds and then move right into the next. After the fourth combination you'll take a break for one minute, then repeat at least three times.

  • First combo: jab, cross, hook, uppercut; 
  • Second combo: jab, cross, hook; 
  • Third combo: jab and cross;
  • Finish with jabs only.

Classic Boxing Combo

This workout is from the fitness website Darebee. It's an incredibly simple boxing workout that offers a lot of freedom. The workout is:

  • Two minutes of jump rope;
  • One minute break;
  • Punch the heavy bag for two minutes;
  • One minute break;
  • Two minutes of shadow boxing.

You can repeat this whole sequence as many times as you want, although if you're a beginner you should start slow. When you punch the heavy bag and do shadow boxing you can throw whatever punches you want, just try to stay moving the whole time.