Health Walker Plus Exercise Machine Instructions

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The Health Walker Plus is a cardio exercise machine once manufactured by Battle Creek Equipment Co. Though now out of production, these machines are still sold on Internet trading sites, such as eBay and Craigslist. It provides low-impact cardio exercise for people of any level of fitness and works both the upper and lower body. It is a combination of an elliptical trainer, a ski machine and a treadmill in terms of body motion.

Bracing Bars

The Health Walker Plus is equipped with bracing bars for safely getting onto and off of the machine. Hold these bars with both hands while you step onto the foot platforms of the machine, one foot at a time.

Foot Petals

With your feet safely planted on the foot petals, place one hand at a time on the movement arms on the front of the machine. Don’t begin to move the foot platforms until your hands are properly positioned.

Getting Started

In one movement, pull backward with your right hand while pushing forward with your left hand. At the same time, push forward with your right foot and pull backward with your left foot on the foot platforms. Then reverse the movements, pulling backward with your left hand while pushing forward with your right hand, and pushing forward with your left foot as you pull backward with your right foot. Begin your work out slowly and continue at a slow pace until you get used to the movements and allow your heart rate to rise gradually. Alternately, you can warm up by walking or stretching for a few minutes before stepping onto the machine. Warming up properly helps prevent injuries.

Length of Workout

Continue these motions in succession for the duration of your workout. Beginners should strive for a 30-minute session three to five times per week. Work hard enough to break a sweat, but not so hard that you can’t carry on a conversation. This is the minimum amount of cardio exercise recommended to improve heart health and function, so as your physical fitness improves, increase your workout time in five minute intervals.

End of Workout

After the workout, slow your motions until the machine comes to a complete stop. Then move your hands from the moving arm to the bracing bars. Step carefully off the machine with both feet before letting go of the bracing bars.

Athletes and Rehabilitation

Athletes training for competition should tailor their workouts to the demands of their respective sports. The Health Walker Plus is also useful for rehabilitation efforts under the supervision of a licensed physical or occupational therapist.