Can You Use Track Shoes As Cross-Country Shoes?

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Ideally, cross-country running shoes are flexible and, most importantly, a good fit. Metal spikes are appropriate for cross country if you're on soft terrain where you need some traction. However, if the terrain is hard rock surface, you probably need to give metal spikes a miss and opt for soles with rubber studs. Also, check that spikes are permitted in your state if you're running competitively.

Track Shoes and Cross Country

Running Shoe Guru suggests that there is no problem with wearing track shoes for cross country, providing the course is suitable for spikes. However, the website does point out that track shoes provide less cushion support for the forefoot and the heel than specialist cross-country shoes. Also, if you do use track shoes, make sure they have spikes suited to distance running: a sprinter's spikes are unsuitable, according to The Runner's Guide. Ask at a specialist running shoe store about hybrid spikes that are suitable for both cross country and track.