Online Water Aerobics Certification

An online certification can help you be a better water fitness instructor.

A certified water fitness instructor holds an important position at community and health club pools. Responsible for providing safe and effective workouts for class participants, an instructor also needs to be able to choreograph interesting routines suitable for students' fitness levels. When you study for your online aquatics instructor certification, you'll learn all of this and more.

Certification Basics

Most health clubs and community pools require that their instructors maintain current certifications. This reassures your boss that you will be providing a safe, yet challenging workout to participants. In order to keep your certification current, you may need to earn yearly credits by continuing your education. This helps you develop as an instructor and keeps your class ideas fresh and fun.

Written Examination

Throughout your home study, you will learn the difference between land and water workouts, safety techniques, leadership skills, dealing with diseases and special populations, fitness principles and more. Your instructor skills will be perfected when you learn how to design workouts and how to progress them as your students' fitness levels improve.

To receive your certification, you will be tested on these topics via a written exam. Organizations such as the American Sports and Fitness Association offer an online multiple choice examination. Other organizations offer the option to download the written examination or view it online and return the answers by email or post.

Practical Examination

Throughout your course of becoming a certified water instructor, you will learn to choreograph routines for use in different depths of water. Online courses will teach you proper music selection, verbal and physical cues and safety techniques. A demonstration of your knowledge of these skills may be required in a practical exam either in person or by submitting a video that shows you leading a sample class.

The certifying agency will look for a proper warm-up and examples of you teaching a cardiovascular segment, a strength or functional fitness segment and a cool down. You'll also be evaluated on how well you understand the objective of each exercise you demonstrate, how well you can be seen and heard, how safe and effective your workout is and if the participants appear to be enjoying the sample class.

Course Specifics

The cost of an online certification typically ranges from $200 to $500. This includes a study manual and, in some cases, additional study materials. You must be 18 years of age to become a certified instructor.

For most certification courses, you will have four to six months to complete your study. During this time you can gain experience at your community pool, so you will have material for your video submission.