Bungee Cord Exercises for Fitness Training

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Exercise bungee cords, also called stretch cords, exercise bands and resistance cables, are portable exercise tools for strength training. The bungee cords typically can be clipped on and off handles or ankle cuffs to give you options for holding the cords, but cables affixed to handles may be used to perform the same exercises, either by holding the handles or tying the cables around your ankles in lieu of a cuff.

Biceps and Reverse Curls

Curls work your arm muscles including your biceps and forearms. Biceps curls are a popular strength training exercise. Use an exercise bungee cord to do this exercise by attaching both ends of one cord to handles. Then, stand on the band and hold the handles with your arms next to your sides. Face your palms forward in a relaxed position. Step your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, flex your elbows and bring the handles up toward your shoulders. Reverse the motion and straighten your arms to complete a bicep curl.

Hammer Curls

Turn the biceps and reverse curl into hammer curls to emphasize your biceps by holding your hands vertically with your palms facing inward and your thumb on top during the exercise, instead of facing your palms upward. Turn your palms over to face the floor and do reverse curls to emphasize your forearms.


You can also strengthen your upper back by doing rows with a bungee cord. To perform a bungee cord row, clip one end of the cord to a hook on the wall or wrap it around an object such as a pole and clip it to itself so it stays in place. Then, clip the other end to a handle and hold the handle with both hands. You can interlace your fingers for a secure hold. Hold your arms straight in front of you and walk backward away from the hook or pole until the band is taut. Next, pull the handle toward your rib cage as you flex your elbows. Hold your arms near your sides and keep your wrists straight. Straighten your arms again to complete a row.

Standing Hamstring Curl

The standing hamstring curl exercise targets your abs and hamstrings. To use a bungee cord, attach one end of the cord to an ankle cuff around your right ankle. Attach the other end to a sturdy object low to the ground, such as a hook, pole or leg of a heavy piece of furniture. Then, walk away from the object until the cord is taut. Shift your weight onto your left leg. Flex your right knee to bring your heel toward your buttocks. Lower your foot to the floor. Perform the standing hamstring curl the same way with your left leg.

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