Where to Buy a Replacement Treadmill Key

Newer treadmill models typically won't operate if you don't insert a safety key before turning it on. These keys, available in different sizes and shapes, with some containing magnets, fit into the console. When included on a treadmill, it provides protection to the user and others. If you lose the key, you'll want to replace it to insure you can operate your treadmill safely.

Where to Purchase

Purchase universal and model-specific replacement keys from online retailers such as Treadmill Parts Zone as well as local fitness retailers. When purchasing a key, provide the treadmill's model number, serial number and model year to guarantee you purchase the appropriate key.


Plug the safety key into the treadmill's console and attach the key's clip onto your clothes in case you fall, or need to stop the treadmill quickly for any other reason. When the key is removed from the console, the walking belt automatically stops. Because most treadmills won't even start without a treadmill key, this feature also protects children and pets from harm.

Identical or Universal

Treadmill replacement key types include the identical key, available from the manufacturer. It has the same size, shape and often color of your original key; it also may carry the manufacturer's emblem. The other type of replacement key is a universal key; it's a generic key that works with several different models and model year.

Contacting the Manufacturer

To contact your manufacturer for a replacement key, locate its customer service department number on your owner's manual. Find the treadmill's serial number on the treadmill's frame before calling if you want quicker service. The manufacturer may provide a replacement key free of charge or may charge you for parts. Compare the manufacturer's price, which may be more expensive, with other key retailers before purchasing.

Or Make Your Own

If your original key was a simple flat rectangle, you can likely make a replacement. Cut a strip of cardboard from a cereal box to the width of the key slot. Insert it gently. Fold it additional times until it is thick enough to depress the internal start button, and tape it together. For thicker keys, modify a ruler or paint stirrer to fit the slot.

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