Weider Pro 4950 User Guide

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The Weider Pro 4950 is home multi-gym equipment that allows you to perform different weight-training movements. The machine features a cable and pulley system and up to 338 pounds of resistance. You can build size and increase strength by hitting various muscle groups using the machine alone.


There are seven main exercise stations featured on the Weider Pro 4950, which allows you to perform various routines that include chest presses, pec-deck flyes, biceps curls, leg extensions and presses, lat pulldowns and military presses. Doing modifications of these exercises and others, you can do over 70 exercises. The bench seats can accommodate users weighing up to 300 pounds. The machine also features DuraStack weights, which are durable and provide fluid motion when you lift.

Assembly and Weight Resistance

To assemble the Weider Pro 4950, it is best to have another person assist. Look for a suitable location to place the machine and then prepare the tools: an adjustable wrench, a standard and Phillips-head screwdriver, a rubber mallet, grease and masking tape. A chart is provided so you can conveniently identify the parts to assemble. There are four ways to assemble the machine. Begin with the frame assembly to set the base and skeleton, followed by the arm and leg lever. Move on to the cable and pulley assembly and finally the seat assembly. Each exercise station has a weight resistance limit.


The parts of the Weider Pro 4950 should be tightened before you exercise. Replace damaged or worn parts and regularly clean the machine using a damp cloth. Check if the cables are tight by retightening the nuts. The cable trap should properly secure the cable so that it stays within the groove of the pulley. The cables should not be overtightened or twisted.

Safety Information

The weight pin should be fully inserted before you start lifting. Keep your hands and feet away from all moving parts. Children and pets should be kept away from the machine. Do not add weights to the stack. Also follow the proper guidelines on seat weight capacity and the maximum resistance of each exercise station. The weight stack should be secured using the lock and pin to prevent unauthorized use.