ProForm 725 TL Information

The ProForm 725 TL treadmill is a relatively basic machine designed for home or commercial use, but it has a few special features that let you do an efficient workout while you monitor your progress. You can operate the machine in manual mode or use one of its programmed workouts. When you’re done working out the machine can fold up to save space.

Use the Pulse Sensor

To monitor your heart rate -- and therefore the intensity of your workout -- use the 725 TL’s pulse-sensor headband. Rub your forehead for a few seconds to stimulate your circulation and then place the pulse sensor around the top of your head, with the sensor window in the middle of your forehead. Press the headband’s adjustment tab into the appropriate hole so the device fits snugly. Snap the clothes clip onto your shirt collar to prevent the headband from wobbling as you exercise. Makeup or hair beneath the sensor window may interfere with its operation. Plug the sensor into the console when it’s secure on your head.

Get Feedback

Monitor your workout by viewing the readouts on the treadmill’s console. As you exercise, the console lists the amount of calories you’ve burned, based on how hard you’re working and on weight information that you input before you start your session. You can view your pulse rate on the console, if you’ve plugged in the pulse sensor. Your speed is also listed, to one decimal place, along with the workout’s elapsed time. The distance-incline display changes every seven seconds, alternating between the distance you’ve walked and treadmill’s incline level.

Choose Manual or Programmed Modes

Design your own workout by selecting the machine’s manual mode and setting the speed and incline level. You can also set the machine to create an interval or weight-loss workout. The treadmill will automatically vary your speed during those workouts, based on the maximum speed that you select before the program begins. You can change the incline manually during these programmed workouts, but not the speed. Select a programmed fat burn or aerobic workout to have the machine adjust both the speed and incline settings automatically.

Convenience Features

The 725 TL’s simple console includes a circular water-bottle holder on the right side. There’s a small accessory tray on the left side of the console into which you may empty your pockets of small items, such as keys. You’ll also find a book rack and towel rack at the top middle of the console.

Fold the Treadmill

Fold the treadmill by pulling the walking surface up toward the console and snapping the frame into the storage latches. You can then remove the cover panel, if you wish. The treadmill base has wheels so you can push it into its storage location.

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