Carl Lewis 566 Treadmill Instructions

The Carl Lewis 566 treadmill is a motorized, folding treadmill with basic programming features. It has a 1.75 horsepower motor that supports speeds up to 16 kph, or 10 mph. You can manually incline the running deck to two different positions. The console features quick-set speed buttons, six built-in workout programs and one manual program. The back-lit blue display shows the time, distance, speed, calories and heart rate. The deck is cushioned for a more comfortable workout.

Adjust the incline before beginning your workout. Lift the back of the treadmill. Pull the incline leg towards you. It will lock into position. Continue pulling the incline leg until it locks into the second incline position, if desired. Carefully lower the running deck back to the floor.

Attach the red safety clip to your waistband. Insert the magnetic safety key into the slot on the console.

Press the "Start" button. This activates the manual mode. The belt will start at 1 kph. Use the speed arrow up and down buttons to adjust the speed of the belt. You can also press one of the three quick-set buttons on the console to automatically change the speed to 3, 6 or 9 kph.

Press the "Program" button. The profiles for the six preset programs are on the console. Continue pressing the "Program" button until the red light flashes over the desired workout. Press the "Start" button. The 566 treadmill will automatically adjust the speed settings for you during the workout.

Grab the side hand rails to check your heart rate. Wrap your hands around the pulse sensors located on the hand rails. Continue to hold until your pulse appears in the display.

Press the "Stop" button or pull out the magnetic safety clip to end your workout session.

Follow the American College of Sports Medicine recommendations for physical activity. Do 30 minutes of moderately intense cardio, five times per week or do 20 minutes of vigorously intense cardio, three times per week.


Always consult a physician before starting any workout program.