P90X Plus Workout Guide

P90X Plus Workout Guide

If you've tried P90X and loved it, but you're ready for something new, P90X creator and trainer Tony Horton's got the answer: P90X Plus. P90X Plus is an extension of the P90X program and is designed to add variety and freshness to your fitness routine. Incorporate the workouts in your regular rotation and ramp up your results.

The Original P90X

The original P90X workout system includes 12 workouts to strengthen your muscles, increase cardiovascular conditioning and improve flexibility. Workouts available on DVD or via online streaming include Ab Ripper X; Cardio X; Kenpo X; Shoulders and Arms; Chest and Back; Back and Biceps; Chest, Shoulders and Triceps; Legs and Back; Core Synergistics; Yoga X; X Stretch; and Plyometrics.

Each workout is repeated throughout the 90 days, but the intensity is upped each week by increasing reps and weight. The workouts are meant to be very challenging and designed to elicit muscle confusion. This method of training continually changes the intensity so that your fitness gains don't plateau.

P90X Plus

P90X Plus includes five new extreme workouts: Interval X Plus, Kenpo Cardio Plus, Upper Plus, Total Body Plus and Abs/Core Plus. These new workouts are intended to be more intense, more challenging and encourage greater results in strength and cardio fitness than the original program. Incorporating new movements, P90X increases muscle confusion so you don't stop seeing results while continuing the P90x program.

Another aim of the P90X Plus program is to add variety to the original P90X system. Over time, the 12 workouts of the original P90X routine can become mundane. Freshness is an important psychological and physical factor for continued progress. According to the American Council on Exercise, if your exercise regimen becomes stale, you may face decreased motivation, lack of enthusiasm and difficulty maintaining a consistent workout schedule.

How to Use It

The P90X Plus workouts are designed to be integrated into the P90X program, not to replace it. A schedule is included with the P90X Plus system, showing you how to integrate the two programs. The P90X Plus classic schedule is similar to the P90X classic schedule: you perform three strength training workouts and two cardio workouts per week; the P90X workouts are switched out for a P90X Plus workout one or two times per week.

Bottom Line

There is no right or wrong way to integrate the P90X Plus program into your P90X routine. Since you've graduated from the original P90X program, you know the ropes by now and can design the program any way you feel is appropriate for your training goals. Randomly switching out a P90X workout for a P90X Plus workout provides the variety and increased intensity required to keep your fitness progress on an upward trend.

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