The Best Women's Gym Bags

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If you go to the gym on a regular basis or would like to make exercising part of your routine, investing in a good quality, trendy and functional gym bag is a must. Items such as style, material, compartment space and your workout of choice, are important factors to consider. Investing in a stylish and versatile bag means it can accompany you to work, the gym or on a weekend getaway.

A Variety of Features

A satisfactory gym bag will reflect the diversity of your workout routine, your personal style and can even aid you in preparing for your activities outside the gym. The majority of high-quality gym bags on the market today come with a section for soiled workout clothes and a pouch for shoes or the flip flops you use in the gym shower. Many gym bags also come with pockets for your water bottle, car keys, cell phone, music player and laptop. Highly functional bags even offer a space for your yoga mat and jacket.

Trendy to Travel

Designer over sized totes and satchels made of canvas and leather are perfect for your morning workout or for an overnight trip spent at a friends house. These bags usually offer space for two changes of clothing, all your toiletries and a pair of shoes. Outside pockets are perfect for your keys and cellphones and most satchels come with dual handles or an adjustable crossbody strap. If you want a smaller, stylish bag to put your towel and keys in while at the gym, consider a designer leather handbag.

Yoga and Pilates

If you prefer mind-body exercises like yoga or pilates, a smaller, lightweight commuter bag is a good option. Yoga bags come with a space to fit your mat and are made of a water-resistant, breathable mesh material to eliminate odors. High-quality yoga bags often come with an interior pocket for your keys and phone, a removable shoe bag, a two-way zip compartment to separate clothes and a water bottle pocket. Many even include a removable strap that can be used for stretching during your yoga or pilates routine.

Extra Padding and Heat Resistance

Gym bags with extra padding on the exterior of the bag and a reinforced bottom, ensure your valuables will be kept safe. These bags are usually made of polyester and include a padded shoulder strap. Many also come with a separate clutch for jewelry, a shoe bag and variety of interior and exterior compartments, including a mesh compartment for soiled clothes. If styling your hair at the gym is a part of your routine, consider a bag with a heat-proof zipper pocket, lined with foil-like insulation. You can style your hair and run without waiting for your still-hot curling iron or straightener to cool down.