The Best Golf Ball for Swing Speed 85 to 95 MPH

golf shot

Understanding all aspects of your golf equipment can be beneficial to your overall performance on the course during your next round. Most golf equipment, including golf balls, is manufactured for a specific skill set and golfing ability. Speak to a licensed PGA teaching professional or other golf fitting expert for more information on how customized fitting can assist with your game.

Compression and Swing Speed

Golf balls can be either low compression or high compression. The clubface compresses the ball slightly when it strikes it, and in a manner of a few milliseconds the ball rebounds back to its original shape and then speeds up as it flies towards your target.

If your swing speed is between 85 and 95 mph, you would benefit most from using a softer, low-compression golf ball as opposed to a higher compression ball, which is harder to compress at impact.

Callaway Super Soft

Since the early 2000s when the Lady Precept became a favorite of both male and female golfers who preferred a softer ball, manufacturers have been developing softer balls with lower compression.

Callaway's Super Soft ball has an extremely low compression of 38, which the company claims comes close to the USGA's limit on initial velocity. The Super Soft has a big 1.595-inch core encased in a soft ionomer cover.

Nike 20XL

The Nike 20XL is a high-quality low compression golf ball, available at most major sporting goods stores or your local golf pro shop. The balls have four layers and a urethane cover and are constructed with a larger, lower-compression resin core that decreases ball spin and allows for weight to be moved to the outside of the ball, resulting in a higher MOI, or moment of inertia.

Make It Personal

Just as with your golf clubs and other equipment, you can also get a customized fitting for the golf ball that will be the best fit for your game specifications. For example, Golf Galaxy offers a Ball Launch Monitor fitting system that will measure your swing speed, launch angle and perceived spin rate on a variety of different golf balls.