The Best Pilates Rebounder

The Best Pilates Rebounder

A Pilates rebounder is essentially a miniature trampoline attached to a Pilates reformer. Providing added cardiovascular benefits during a session, rebounders have become popular in the home Pilates market since they first appeared in 2007. In an eight-week study, Pilates rebounders were shown to improve upon all aspects of a person’s fitness in only 40 minutes a day, three times a week.

Stamina Products, Inc. patented the Pilates rebounder under their sub-division AeroPilates. The rebounder was a natural progression from their previous foot-bar attachment. Stamina AeroPilates has cornered the market with their patents for home reformers; no other company manufactures this attachment.


The Stamina AeroPilates reformer with free-form cardio rebounder is considered to be low-impact, but it is still important to weigh the benefits and risks of engaging in activities and exercises on the machine. When attempting any new exercise routine or program, it is important to consult with your primary physician first.


In an eight-week study conducted by Stamina Products, Inc., 14 subjects ages 26 to 64 exercised for 40 minutes, three days a week using the Stamina AeroPilates reformer. It was shown that Pilates rebounding induced a 17 percent increase in cardiovascular endurance. Increases were also shown in balance, core strength and low back/hamstring flexibility by 21 percent, 28 percent, and 177 percent, respectively. The study also showed a decrease in perceived stress of 58 percent. It is important to note that the number of participants in the test group was quite small, allowing for little variation in bio-metrical factors; therefore the statistical relevance of the results as applied to the general population is questionable.


There are four versions of home reformers with the rebounder attachment, all manufactured by Stamina AeroPilates. Differences in reformers are mainly in durability of materials, warranty, or extras like DVDs, stands, and adjustable pads. The stand-alone rebounder attachment is also available for purchase.


Cost for a home reformer with rebounder attachment goes anywhere from $449 for the basic model to $1500 for the Pro XP 557 as of January 2011. It's also a good idea to check your local want ads, yard sales and craigslist for used models.