How to Use an Air Walker

Cross trainer

An air walker is a cross trainer exercise machine that gives you the benefit of working out the upper and lower parts of your body simultaneously. Anybody can use an air walker, no matter his level of experience or fitness. The machine offers a low-intensity, low-impact cardiovascular workout that will allow you to tone your entire body as well as achieve the desired weight loss. An air walker is not a specific brand; there are a number of different manufacturers. The Pro-Form model is a popular one.

Hold the handle bars, and step onto the flat foot pedals one foot at a time. Ensure that you feel balanced before you begin your workout.

Turn the monitor on and select the workout level you wish to use. The air walker might also collect other information about your workout for you, such as the time, repetitions/minute, calories and scan, which will run through the statistics while you exercise. Make a decision as to the number of calories you wish to burn and the amount of time you wish to spend exercising.

Move one leg forward at the same time that you move the other one backward -- while keeping your hands on the handle bars. You will experience an increase in heart rate because your heart will need to work harder to pump blood into your arms and legs. You will also challenge your core muscles as you maintain your balance on the machine. You can change the intensity of the exercise by changing your positioning on the machine. For example, you can bend your legs slightly or place your hands on the handrail instead of on the handle bars.

Slow your pace down once your calorie and time goals have been reached. Allow your breathing to return to normal at the same time as you keep your arms and legs moving. This will give your muscles the opportunity to cool down.

Step off the air walker slowly by moving one foot at a time, keeping your hands firmly on the handrail. Stretch out your muscles after the exercise. Stretching aids in increasing blood flow to your muscles, which helps to speed recovery after injury.