The Definition of Team Spirit

Soccer players cheering in front of a goal post in a soccer field

MacMillan Dictionary defines team spirit as “an enthusiastic attitude towards working or playing together with other people as a team.” There are many situations in which people can create team spirit. Team spirit goes a long way in helping groups such as businesses, classes and athletic teams succeed.

Who Has Team Spirit

Any group of people working toward a common goal can create a spirited approach. Young students playing a game on the playground can have team spirit. Older students working on a project for a science fair can have team spirit. Professionals in the business world putting together a campaign or working to help a company launch or grow can have team spirit. Patriotism is also a form of team spirit.

How To Create Team Spirit

In most situations, team leaders invoke team spirit in their team members. The website Leadership Tools states that for team spirit to exist, leaders of a team must be passionate and excited about their cause. Team members will embrace the passion of their leader and want to be involved in the excitement. The site advises team leaders to select team members who possess energy and enthusiasm. Those people will be spirited and help to create an equally spirited team. They are more likely than less passionate people to work with their leader to help build spirit within the team.

The Importance of Team Spirit

The strongest, most united teams rise to the highest levels of performance. A team with negativity, doubts and disinterest will most likely fail to reach its goals. On his website, Jim Clemmer, Leadership Expert, recommends several ways to build strong teams. He writes that it is critical to run effective meetings with clear agendas and a clear purpose. He also recommends setting ground rules for a team and encouraging your team to stay focused on the big picture. Review your mission frequently and constantly update and improve upon the way your team works to achieve its goals.

Deterrents of Team Spirit

Jim Clemmer notes that companies that advertise one policy but instruct their employees to adhere to conflicting policies can hinder team spirit. Slow decision making and long approval processes within a company can also deter team spirit. A team player who speaks negatively or complains frequently can also get in the way of team spirit. Organizations that treat their employees with little respect will also struggle to create a spirited atmosphere.