How to Build Cheerleading Spirit Boxes


Cheerleaders know that the sport is all about being a team and working well together as a cohesive unit. Cheerleading spirit boxes embody the essence of the cheerleaders’ collaborative ethos. Cheerleading spirit boxes are specially designed boxes filled with squad-specific mementos. They are given to the cheerleader on a squad who embodies the spirit of the team.

Design your spirit box. The external design of the box will depend on your squad. Make sure you incorporate your school or team colors and, if there is a mascot that the squad uses, incorporate that too.

Enlist your team’s best artist to paint or draw your design onto the box. Decorate your spirit box with glitter, spray paint and confetti to finish it off.

Gather the things that represent the team spirit of the squad and place them in the box. Some of the best items to use are things that symbolize something significant. For example, you could add a puzzle. A puzzle would show that the team is like a puzzle and that it wouldn’t be complete if a member was missing.

Add things that represent cheerleading, such as little pom-poms, a shoelace or a mix-tape of all the tracks the team danced to.

Put in memorable photos of the team, such as a picture of your squad at a sporting event or a picture of the trophy that the team won. Give the spirit box to the person on your squad who you think did a great job that week.


Make sure everybody in the team helps out in making the box, and plan what you will put into the box beforehand. Otherwise, you might end up including things that look cool, but don’t really represent team spirit.