The Best Upright Home Exercise Bike

The Best Upright Home Exercise Bike

As technology rapidly advances, fitness equipment makers scramble to keep up. With new innovations coming out almost every year, you have more and more options and improvements to consider. Exercise bikes have come a long way over the past few decades and are now competing with entire spin studios.

Upright Exercise Bikes

Consider what you need from your upright exercise bike. These models are generally for people who want an intense workout as compared to recumbent bikes, where you get to recline back in a seat and pedal. These bikes are usually meant for rehabilitation purposes because they put less stress on your back and core.

Upright exercise bikes are more like an outdoor bike and allow you to pedal harder and faster. You can also stand up and pedal on most upright exercise bikes. Spin classes use upright bikes for this reason.

When you're looking for a bike to use at home, you need to consider the functionalities of the bike. A plain spin bike with no monitor on the front is very bare bones but can save you some money. However, without a monitor you can't tell how fast you're going, how many calories you're burning or your heart rate.


Having a monitor that can play a video keeps you occupied and can even motivate you. Peloton is one of the leading exercise bike brands for that reason. They bring the high-paced spin class environment into your home with expert instructors in videos that you can watch on the front-mounted monitor.

Taking it one step further, you can even stream live spin classes from their spinning studio in New York City so that you can feel like you're in a real class. You can also track your speed and heart rate over time to track your progress.

Assault AirBike

The Assault is a grueling piece of cardio equipment. It's an upright bike with a twist — there's a set of arm cranks that you can use to power the bike with your upper body. By combining an upper and lower body workout you use more energy and burn more calories.

Even though it's not a traditional exercise bike, it still has some of the same functionalities as a higher end upright bike. You can monitor your progress by tracking the amount of power you produce. You can track your cadence as well. It even comes with pre-programmed workouts.

Some bikes even come with built-in instruction.

NordicTrac GX 3.5 Sport

If you're looking for a bare-bones spin bike for your home gym, this is one of the best options. There are no bells or whistles on this bike. The only piece of technology that you have to worry about is a small monitor that's strapped to the handles of the bike.

With that monitor you can measure your speed, time and power to get a gauge of how hard you're working. If you're self-motivated and don't need the encouragement of a virtual instructor or pre-planned workout then you can save some money with this bike.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

The comfortable and ergonomic design of this bike is better for someone who doesn't like the design of spin bikes. The seat is wider on this bike, making it more comfortable. The handles are higher so you don't have to lean forward as far.

The front the bike has a monitor that can track your heart rate and adjust the difficulty. You can also measure your power and progress. There are speakers in the front in case you want to listen to music and fans that cool you down.

You can also use one of the 29 different programs that come with the bike, including two fitness tests that tell you how fit you are.