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The Best Workout Gloves With Wrist Support

Whether you want to protect or brace your wrists -- or protect your hands from callouses -- your choice of wrist-supported workout gloves needs to fit your personal style and your comfort. For instance, leather gloves last longer than those made of vinyl, so consider your gloves an investment in your future fitness plans. If you sweat excessively, though, a full glove might not be the best option for you.


Harbinger workout gloves have a history to support their products. Plus, these gloves have double-leather palms to cushion your workout. The half-finger length allows you to maintain a tactile feel with the weight for better control and safety. The wrist wrap gives you support, but is also flexible enough to perform a variety of movements. The gloves are hand washable. (Ref. 1)


Valeo is another well-known brand of workout glove. Their wrist-wrap version has double-leather palms, 3/4 fingers and a nylon mesh back to allow greater air flow through your hands. These are machine washable. (Ref. 3)


Trovis workout gloves follow a simplistic style and are beneficial if you have excessively sweaty hands. This glove has a wrist wrap and a palm protector. The finger loops keep the material against your palms and allow the backs of your hands to be exposed. (Ref. 2)

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