Dynaflex Powerball Instructions

Female gymnast wrapping wrists in preparation, cropped

Independent testing conducted through Southern Utah University showed that using a Dyna-Flex Power Ball Gyro can significantly increase grip strength after four weeks of use. When you first pick up a Power Ball it might feel like you need four weeks just to get the darn thing started. But if you walk through the Dyna-Flex directions step by step, you should be able to get the ball rotating and use it for an effective hand and wrist workout.

Starter Cord

Turn the Power Ball so the opening faces up. Spin the rotor with your thumb or fingers until the small hole in the midline crease faces up through the opening.

Place the end of the starter cord in this hole and rotate the rotor with your thumbs. Simultaneously smooth the starter cord into the midline crease so it spools tightly and neatly around the middle of the rotor.

Grip the Power Ball in your hand, rotor opening facing down. Grasp the starter cord in your other hand and pull it straight out and down, quickly and smoothly.

Turn your wrist in smooth circles, synced with the motion of the ball. Check yourself to be sure the movement comes from your wrist, not your arm.

Without the Cord

Hold the Power Ball in the palm of one hand. The opening should face up so the yellow rotor is exposed.

Brush one thumb quickly across the rotor surface. Aim for the greatest speed possible, but don't actually push down on the ball.

Move the hand holding the Power Ball in a side-to-side motion until the rotor accelerates enough to allow your normal spinning motion. Note that this method may take a bit of practice to get just right.

Power Dock

Place the Power Ball in the Power Dock with the opening facing down and the midline groove vertically oriented. Note that the Power Dock is an optional accessory that you can purchase separately or bundled with a Power Ball.

Press and hold the power button on the dock station until the Power Ball spins up to speed and the LEDs activate.

Release the power button, grasp the Power Ball in one hand and pull it off the dock. Immediately begin rotating your wrist to continue the ball's momentum.


To increase speed, sync your movements with the ball's gyro and then slowly and smoothly increase your speed, making smaller movements as you get faster.