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The Top 10 Slow Pitch Softball Bats

Finding a good slow-pitch softball bat is the key to getting big hits. Knowing which bats are top rated can help you get the most bang for your buck and the best plays on the field. Before you buy, check your league rules on the types of bats it will accept; some bats are deemed too powerful for recreational play. These top 10 slow pitch softball bats are all Amateur Softball Association of America, or ASA, approved.

Best Overall Bats

DeMarini J2 120: The J2 120 by DeMarini will get many hits for skilled and novice players alike. This composite bat swings like a natural extension of the human body, making contact easy, and it is renowned for speed off the bat.

Bass Pinky: The Pinky, manufactured by Bass, may be pink but will get hits for everyone. This composite bat may catch trouble for its odd color -- it really is pink -- but no trouble with getting hits.

Top Bats for Power Hitters

Easton Synergy Speed: The Synergy is an end-loaded composite bat with a tapered handle designed for power hitters. This bat gets home runs and big hits and has an unmissable sweet spot, but it has a long break-in period and stings your hands when you hit on the end.

2011 Miken Denny Crine Psycho Supermax: The Psycho Supermax by Miken is good for players of all ages and those hoping for their first big hit. The Psycho uses aerospace fiber for increased performance and durability and is end-loaded for distance.

Bestselling Slow-Pitch Bats

Easton Salvo: The Salvo by Easton is a popular composite bat with slight end loading. This bat will help you get distance even on mishits. Batting gloves are recommended because the handle can get slippery.

Miken Freak Plus: The Freak Plus, made by Miken, adds distance and makes hits easy with its large sweet spot and 13.5 inch barrel. Power hitters complain that it breaks easily, so this bat is best for those who want to make contact and run.

Best Bargain Bats

DeBeer Clincher: The Clincher, from DeBeer, is an end loaded heavy bat, available in 32-oz. to 38-oz. sizes. The bat gets good distance, but wears out fast.

Brett Bros. Thunder: The Thunder is a maple and bamboo lightweight slow-pitch bat made by Brett Brothers. This wood throwback has great pop.

Rounding Out the Top 10 Slow Pitch Softball Bats

Worth Toxic Titan: Recommended by the Clooney's Pub Softball Team, the Toxic Titan by Worth is a 100 percent composite bat with a stiff handle and flexible barrel. Patient batters will benefit most as this bat has a long break-in period.

Miken Freak Limited Edition: The Freak Limited Edition is another take on the Freak by Miken. This composite bat is well-liked -- experienced and novice players rave about big hits.

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Cindy Banyai began writing in 2005 and is published in the academic journals "Rural Society" and "Asia Pacific World." Banyai received her doctorate from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, is an American Fitness Training Association certified personal trainer, Zumba instructor, yoga practitioner and former professional boxer.

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