Top 10 Big Barrel Youth Baseball Bats

Youth baseball players, looking for any hitting advantage available, may opt for big-barrel bats. The barrel is the largest, in diameter, part of the bat and the big-barrel bats provide a larger sweet spot. Senior-league bats, for players ages 10 to 13, have a normal barrel diameter of 2 5/8 inches. A diameter of 2 3/4 inches is considered a big-barrel bat.


The Easton Rival XL is a new release for 2011. It is a one-piece design featuring Easton's V12 Scandium Alloy. The bat features an extended barrel length for a larger sweet spot and a tapered handle for greater comfort. Bat speed is increased by the spoked end cap and stiff handle design. Easton offers a 400-day warranty and the bat costs about $160, as of January 2011. It is the top-rated bat on the list. Easton also has the No. 5-rated bat, the Stealth Speed. This is a high-performance, two-piece all-composite bat that utilizes Integrated Matrix Technology for increased durability and bat speed. It retails for around $170, as of January 2011, and carries the same 400-day warranty. The third Easton entry in the top 10 is the Titan, which ranks 10th. This bat is made from a high-performance alloy that allows for a lighter bat while maintaining a large hitting surface. This is one of the stiffest bats on the market, providing control for power hitters. The bat retails for about $120, as of January 2011.


This is the big-barrel model of the popular B1 that was used to hit a walk-off homer in the 2007 Little League World Series. The bat utilizes proprietary Nanocomp Technology, placing carbon nanotubes in the microscopic gaps in the bat fibers to increase strength and durability. This bat is rated No. 2 on the list and retails for around $210, as of January 2011. The COMbat B2 Composite is the sixth-rated bat and features an enlarged sweet spot created by the Variable Stiffness Technology that allows for lower barrel-wall stiffness. The bat sells for about $270, as of January 2011.

Louisville Slugger

The No. 3 bat on the list is the Louisville Slugger TPX Triton. This is a three-piece composite design that utilizes a Bubble Transition Zone to tie the barrel and handle together to function like a one-piece bat. This makes the transition area stiffer, lengthening the sweet spot. The precisely positioned graphite layers enhance the power and durability of this bat. The bat comes with a 12-month warranty and sells for $170, as of January 2011. The TPX H2 Hybrid is seventh on the list. This is a seamless one-piece composite alloy design utilizing a 100 percent graphite transition to create a stiffer handle for more bat control and greater bat flex. The lighter handle and transition area mean a longer sweet spot and greater bat speed. The 12-month warranty is standard, and the bat retails for about $70, as of January 2011. The TPX Omaha is No. 9 on the list. The bat, which retails for around $150, is new for 2011 and utilizes the ST+20 Alloy to create one of the most consistent bats on the market. Strength and durability are gained from the one-piece construction, and the stiff handle creates increased barrel flex for added power.


The DeMarini Vendetta C6 and the Vendetta are ranked fourth and eighth, respectively. The Vendetta C6, priced at around $130, as of January 2011, utilizes the Rails Hybrid Handle Technology of a flexible inner core and a reinforced outer frame to deliver greater bat feel and increased bat speed. There is less handle vibration and increased bat balance from the all-carbon weave design. The less expensive Vendetta, at about $70, combines a hybrid composite handle with the SC4 aluminum barrel to increase the sweet spot and reduce vibration. The new alloy is also stronger and more durable. All DeMarini bats come with a 12-month warranty.

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