How to Hang a Speed Bag

How to Hang a Speed Bag

A boxing speed bag is a great tool for teaching boxing and it is also a wonderful cardiovascular tool. Many boxers and non-boxers love working on the speed bag because success on the bag indicates quickness and excellent hand-eye coordination. It's fairly easy to hang a speed bag in your basement or workout area. If you have about 1 1/2 hours, tools and inclination, you can put up the speed bag without any assistance. The bag and the hanging bracket will weight about 5 lbs.

Pick out the area in your home where you want to hang your speed bag. Putting the speed bag in a somewhat out-of-the-way part of your home is advisable to get away from potential distractions. The corner area of the basement may be one of the less conspicuous spots for your speed bag.

Hang the speed bag bracket on the wall. The bottom part of the speed bag—the striking area—should be between nose- and eye-height. Hang the bracket at about forehead height. Mark the screw holes in the wall with a pencil. Then take your power drill and make four holes for the 3/8-inch screws that will hold your bracket.

Attach the bracket using a power screwdriver to secure the four screws to the bracket. Make sure there are no gaps and that the bracket does not wobble. You want a true and straight hang for your bracket so the speed bag moves in the expected manner. Use a level to make sure the bracket is straight and the bag is hanging correctly.

Connect the bag to the hook that is hanging down from the center of the bracket. The loop at the top of the speed bag should go right on the hook. The bag should hang straight down.

Start punching the bag. If you hit the bag with straight punches, it will fly off the back rim and then go straight to the front rim. If your bag does this, you have hung it correctly.