Common Repairs of a Sportcraft Treadmill

Sportcraft produces a variety of sports, activity and exercise equipment, including a line of treadmills intended for home use. Components on these machines may break down occasionally, affecting the treadmill's ability to run properly. Fortunately, you may be able to perform the necessary repairs on your own by installing a replacement part.


The belt and incline motors for Sportcraft treadmills are located underneath a casing at the front of the walking deck. To gain access, first lower the treadmill's deck to the ground, then disconnect the power cord from the wall. Inspect the sides of the casing and locate the installed screws; remove these screws and pry the casing upwards. Both motor units are secured to the treadmill's frame by bolts; disconnect the attached wires, then use a socket wrench or allen wrench to remove the bolts.

Walking Belt and Deck

Over time, the walking belt and deck may start to show signs of wear from use. To replace these components, start by removing the casing from the motor units. Next, remove the two bolts installed in the rear of the walking deck, inside the end caps. Pry the end caps and the two side rails off of the treadmill's base, and you will now have access to the deck and belt. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws securing the deck to the base, then install the replacement component. Be sure to apply a fresh coating of silicone lubricant to the deck afterward.


If the console on your Sportcraft treadmill ceases to function properly, the simplest solution may be to swap in a replacement. The console connects to the treadmill's motors via wires installed in the upright bars on either side of the front of the base. Remove the screws securing the console to these uprights, then lift the console upwards and disconnect the wires attached to the bottom of the component. Connect these wires to the new component, then mount the console back onto the upright.

Ordering Parts

The owner's manual that comes packaged with your Sportcraft treadmill includes an order form for replacement parts. If you no longer have the owner's manual, you can download a PDF version directly from the Sportcraft website; include a check or money order when mailing the form. Alternatively, the company also provides an online version of the replacement parts form. When ordering parts online, you will be required to use a credit card for the purchase.