Pro Bodybuilding Workout Routines


Pro Bodybuilding workout routines are for advanced bodybuilders that have experience in weight training. Pro bodybuilders use advanced methods while training to build as much muscle as possible. Some of the methods they use are drop sets, rest-pause sets, and advance exercises. The workouts must be performed with high intensity, and strict form.

Dexter Jackson

Pro Bodybuilder Dexter Jackson has had a lot of success on the bodybuilding stage. Jackson has won 12 professional contests and the Mr Olympia competition in 2008. Jackson trains five days a week. He performs between three or four sets per exercise for between eight and 30 reps. Jackson performs between three to four exercises per body part. Jackson trains Quads on Monday. Chest and hamstrings are trained on Tuesday. Wednesday is a back day. Thursday is a shoulder and hamstring day. Friday is an arm day. He also trains abs and does cardio three times a week.

Phil Heath

Phil Heath is a professional bodybuilder who has had a lot of success. Heath has finished in the top five in all his Mr. Olympia performances and he has won three professional contests. Heath changes up his training program several times a year, as he prepares for different contests. Heath performs between four to six exercises per body part between three and five sets and uses a rep range between five and 20. He uses strict form on all exercises to ensure maximum muscle growth.

Mark Dugdale

Mark Dugdale is a professional bodybuilder who uses high intensity training methods in his workout routine. Dugdale performs between two-three exercises per muscle group, only once a week. Dugdale uses rest pause methods on specific exercises to promote muscle growth. A rest pause method is when you perform an exercise to failure. Once failure is reached you rest for a few seconds and then try to perform another couple of reps to failure. Dugdale also uses window-maker sets, which is a form of drop set. A window-maker set is when you complete reps for a specific exercise to failure. Once failure is reached you take off some of the weight and continue to perform reps until failure.

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler has won four Mr. Olympia titles and three Arnold Classic Championships. Cutler uses a high volume training program. High volume means that he uses a lot of sets and reps for muscle groups. Cutler performs between five to eight exercises per muscle group. On Cutlers exercises he performs between three to four sets for eight to 15 reps. On Monday Cutler trains shoulders, abs, and triceps. Tuesday is a back day. Wednesday is a rest day. Thursday is a chest, biceps, and abs day. Friday is a quad day, and Saturday is a hamstrings, calve, and ab day.