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The Best Single Wall Aluminum Softball Bats

A good batter is good no matter what bat is used. But a good batter is great with the best bat available, and all players want to perform at their best, regardless of ability. Single wall softball bats give players the opportunity to hit the ball farther with less effort. Bats displaying unique design, innovative technology and superior durability are classified as the best single wall softball bats.

ASA Legal Softball Bats

The Amateur Softball Association has been altering the rules on aluminum softball bats to protect pitchers from high speed batted balls that potentially could cause serious injury. The Easton Synergy Speed single wall bat meets the new ASA standards -- that ball speed must not exceed 98 miles per hour -- and is a favorite among competitive players. The aluminum design and single wall barrel provide maximum distance on batted balls with minimum effort exerted.

DeMarini The One Softball Bat

DeMarini is a premium equipment manufacturer that has been producing slow pitch and fast pitch softball bats for decades. The company also manufacturers baseball bats and is considered a favorite among nationally competitive high school and college programs. The philosophy and brand reputation extends to DeMarini's softball line. The One single wall softball bat is constructed with durability and power in mind. An extended barrel provides added forgiveness on off-center hits, while its white coating resonates with some of the best teams in the game.

Worth Toxic Titan Softball Bat

Worth is another premium baseball and softball manufacturer, and its Toxic Titan offering is one of the company's best single wall aluminum softball bats. This bat comes in a variety of sizes and lengths to fit custom swings and a number of different body types. A green coating differentiates this bat from their regular bats. Models are available for both fast pitch and slow pitch leagues. Worth is known through the industry for the durability of its products.

Miken Freak Softball Bat

The top single wall aluminum softball bats have one characteristic in common: Durability. The single wall construction allows for on- and off-center hits to have maximum spring-like effect, launching the ball great distances at the highest allowable initial ball speed, while hardly damaging the bat itself. The Miken Freak softball bat fits this model. It is approved for tournament play by all the major softball organizations, and has a 14.5 inch barrel length for the best power and forgiveness.

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