Are NordicTrack Treadmills Good?

Are NordicTrack Treadmills Good?

The NordicTrack brand is owned by Icon Fitness, one the world's largest treadmill manufacturers. NordicTrack treadmills have a good reputation and are known for building durable treadmills with high-quality components. Many of NordicTrack's treadmills are equipped with advanced technological features that aim to enhance your workout. Because NordicTrack is one of the better-selling brands on the treadmill market, Icon Fitness is able to offer many of its machines at competitive prices.


NordicTrack treadmills feature some of the largest and most powerful motors in their price category. Motors are put through a series of tests and are able to generate significant power without overheating. Nearly all of NordicTrack's treadmill motors are covered by a lifetime warranty. NordicTrack custom builds all of its motors, belts and rollers, which further helps promote the life of the machine. The brand's deck designs are some of the longest in the industry, which provide you with a large running surface.


NordicTrack treadmills tend to pack several features into the console. Some highlights include color displays and touch-screens, some of which are preprogrammed with real-life running routes. Wireless Internet connections are available with several of NordicTrack's treadmill computers and feature the cardio workout program iFit Live. A wireless heart rate monitoring system is nearly standard on all treadmills. Other common console add-ons include cooling fans, MP3 docking stations with surround-sound speakers and towel hooks. NordicTrack makes a number of folding models that help save space when not in use.


Until 2011, warranties for NordicTrack treadmills came up short compared to industry standards. Though nearly all NordicTrack treadmill motors receive a lifetime warranty, parts were in general only covered for one year. Considering the numerous electronic features that come with most NordicTrack treadmills, the company's extended warranty of one to three years should be standard. The company has improved its warranty offerings, however, and has also committed $2 million to improve its customer service, a segment of the company that had generated significant negative feedback.

NordicTrack Treadmill Models

NordicTrack offers a large selection of treadmills. Some higher-rated treadmills include the lower-price category C 900, the Commercial 1750, a mid-range priced treadmill, and the Elite 9500 PRO, one of NordicTrack's higher-end models. Other higher-end models that have received high ratings include the Commerical 1500, ReflexDeck TR and Elite 7500, which features a television on the console. The Elite 7500 is considered to be NordicTrack's top-of-the-line model that comes with a powerful 3.5 horsepower commercial motor.