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Gold's Gym Stridetrainer 380 Elliptical Instructions

The Gold’s Gym Sidetrainer 380 is an in-home elliptical machine with a 14-inch stride length. It is 61 inches long, 26 inches wide, 55 inches tall and weighs 109 lbs. You can choose a manual workout where you control the resistance or choose one of six personal trainer workouts that automatically adjust the pedal resistance for you. Wheels on the front of the machine allow you to move the elliptical for storage or a new view. The SideTrainer 380 can handle user loads up to 250 lbs.

Manual Mode

  1. Step on the pedals and start pedaling. The console will turn on.

  2. Grab the outside handles and move the swing arms in sync with your leg movements. As you push the right foot pedal forward, pull the right swing arm back.

  3. Adjust the pedal resistance by turning the control knob on the console. Turn the knob to the right to increase the resistance; turn the knob to the left to decrease the resistance.

  4. Grab the stationary handles and hold them for 15 seconds to display your heart rate on the console.

  5. Stop pedaling to end your workout. The console turns off automatically.

Program Mode

  1. Start pedaling to turn on the console.

  2. Press the “Smart Workouts” button repeatedly until the desired workout displays on the console.

  3. Press the “Start” button to begin the workout.


    Consult your physician before starting any exercise routine.

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