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Tips on Volleyball Tryouts

Tips on volleyball tryouts are designed to give you an edge when it comes to making the volleyball team for which you are trying out. While some volleyball tryout tips are specific to mechanics and form, others are directly associated with your work ethic and hustle during the tryout as well as your ability to follow instructions.

Jump Training

While a variety of skills and attributes are noted during a volleyball tryout, your specific jumping ability is an easy way to set yourself apart from other players who are trying out. In the weeks prior to volleyball tryouts, you should perform a variety of jumping exercises, ranging from weighted leg jumps to speed interval training to add extra inches to your vertical leap. Displaying a good jumping ability will make you a useful addition to any team on both the offensive and defensive side of the court.

Spikes and Digs

Being prepared to handle the various elements of the sport, including spikes and digs, can help you succeed in your volleyball tryout. Spiking the ball is about more than just a vertical leap; it's also about being able to angle your spike to a desired part of the court and even use either hand. Likewise, successfully being able to dig the ball involves getting square to the ball's path and being able to launch the ball at a desired trajectory toward your teammate at the net. Gaining skill in each of the sport's fundamentals requires ample practice; in the weeks and months before your tryout, get together with your prospective teammates to practice.


During your volleyball tryout, it is important to show the coaches your commitment to the team as well as the full intensity with which you play the game. Despite playing simulation volleyball games and running isolated drills, performing these exercises with game-time intensity will help showcase your passion and desire to coaches. Although coaches are looking for talented players, players who hit and defend with intensity and power are just as important as players who are naturally talented.

Be a Leader

Because of the constant flux of players with respect to youth volleyball leagues, team leaders are constantly leaving teams to move on to higher leagues and different opportunities. As a result, each coach looks for several players who display leadership qualities and can help elevate his team through example. If you are familiar with a specific hitting drill that is being run, offer to perform the drill first. Verbalize your leadership by encouraging other players during tryouts and showing the coaches that you are a team player.


While coaches are searching for natural talent, each coach wants to know that his players will be able to grow and develop through her specific teaching methods. As a result, it is important to show the coach that you can make adjustments and take criticism well. Instead of telling a coach that you learned a technique a different way from another coach, acknowledge her instruction and immediately incorporate it into your style of play. In addition to impressing the coaches, this may improve your mechanics and form on the volleyball court.

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