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Football Ideas for a Homecoming Float

Homecoming floats can contain the same old balloon arches and beaming king and queen -- or you can design an eye-catching, powerful and inspirational float using the football as the star of your creation. Your starring football can have one of several roles, all conveying the message that you’re ready to flatten the opposing team.


A football transformed into a monster makes a delicious float to show your intention of gobbling up the opposing team. Your football monster needs a large mouth with multiple teeth, menacing eyes and large limbs topped off with equally large claws. Instead of the usual pigskin, cover your monster football with plastic fringe or plastic pieces cut out to resemble scales, either in the traditional brown football color or in your team colors. Finish off your football monster with raised spikes or dragon-like plates where the laces would be. For added effect, make a replica of the opposing team’s mascot to place in the monster’s mouth.


Transforming a giant football into a giant bomb shows your intention to blow the opposing team away. Make your football bomblike by adding a long tube that serves as a fuse and adding a warning sign saying, “We’re going to bomb you.” Another option is to set up the giant football in the center of the float surrounded by falling-over buildings and destroyed landscape, as if the bomb just landed to win the game. A humorous touch for the bomb that just landed is a pair of legs sticking out from beneath the football, clad in the opposing team’s colors, reminiscent of the house that fell on the Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard of Oz.”


Rather than a single, large football as the focal point of the float, your float can contain multiple, smaller footballs, each outfitted like a warrior. Use the football shape as the warrior’s body, add pairs of legs and arms, and warrior weapons. The float’s background can be a football field, an urban alley or jungle infused with greenery. Match your football warriors to their landscape, with urban warriors decked out in leather, the jungle warriors with grass skirts and war paint and the football warriors sporting team jerseys. Use team colors for the warrior outfits and give them weapons that match their environment. Jungle warriors must have spears, for instance.


The backgrounds on your football homecoming float can feature your team colors on the base and borders of the float as well as colorful touches with pompoms, pennants, helmets and other school memorabilia. To add more oomph and further get your point across, add a slogan to your float that matches your theme. Your monster football float, for instance, can sport the slogan, “We’ll eat you alive,” while the warrior football float can contain the slogan, “We’re ready to fight.”

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