How to Attach Exercise Bands to the Ceiling

Sporty woman using resistance band in fitness studio

Exercise bands for resistance training aren't as hard on your joints and tendons as free weights and they encourage proper form. You can do an extensive number of exercises with resistance bands, but you may be wondering how to perform exercises that require pulling the weight down from above, such as lat pull-downs or cable cross-overs. Attaching exercise bands to the ceiling solves that overhead dilemma and increases your exercise options.

The Hardware

The correct hardware is needed on your ceiling so that you have a place to attach your exercise bands. Ceiling mount anchors used for hanging punching and heavy bags are the ideal pieces of hardware for attaching exercise bands. Made from solid steel, these pieces are a combination of a plate that screws to the ceiling and a free-swinging ring to which you can clip your exercise bands. Get at least two of them so you can attach more than one band at a time if needed.

Locate a Beam

Attach your exercise bands to a part of the ceiling that has a beam running through it, to ensure that your bands won't pull free during exercise. The easiest way to locate a beam is to use a stud finder. They leave nothing to chance since they flash or beep when you run them over a solid piece, such as a joist or beam. If you don't have a stud finder, you can measure over 16 or 24 inches -- the typical distance between beams -- from a corner of the room and use your finger to tap around. If the sound is solid then you've found a beam, but if it is hollow, you're in the area between beams.

Perfect Positioning

Put some thought into positioning the hardware for attaching your exercise bands to the ceiling. Ideally, you should put them in the middle of the room to allow for open space all around to give you the freedom to perform the exercises you want. Place two ceiling mount anchors 1 1/2 to 2 feet apart along the same beam to provide some space between your bands when you use them.

Attaching the Bands

Some exercise bands come with handles on one end and carabiners or clips on the other. Those kinds of bands are ready to be secured to your ceiling, as all you'll have to do is clip the carabiner to the ring on your ceiling mount. But if your exercise bands don't come ready-made with clips, just purchase two carabiners from a hardware or home store. You'll be able to slide the exercise bands through the carabiners, centering the carabiner at the middle of the band, and use them to attach the bands to the ceiling mounts.